Operation HomeSafe

Living Safely 101

10 Tips every student should know!

“Operation Home Safe” is here again. 2013

Every year, thousands of students move into residence or away from home for the first time.  Each year tragic consequences are experienced from avoidable unsafe situations due to lack of knowledge and education. Often students find exterior dwelling units that are built with little or no consideration for building code, municipal permits, site inspection or building regulations.

Maximising space can have practical benefits and sometimes serious consequences. We often see the tragic consequences of work performed by unskilled individuals, for example leaving outlets ungrounded thus overriding the safety feature of circuits or breakers. Many home renovation TV programs show that plaster and paint can conceal significant problems in wiring, safety systems and design.

The student population often experience a number of things for their first time living away from home. We do not want a live fire evacuation being one of them. In less than 3 minutes a dorm room or basement apartment can go from a smoking garbage can to a blazing inferno.

The Ontario Safety League, Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Electrical Safety Authority and the Office of the Fire Marshall Ontario join forces to promote fire safety. Annually this safety partnership increases public awareness, identifies unsafe practices and offers safety information to students and the general public. 

For further information, please contact:

Brian J. Patterson C.F.E.

President & CEO

Phone: (905) 625 0556 Ext: 224 or

Cell: (416) 629 2890

E Mail: bpatterson@osl.org