Fleet Driver Trainer (In-Class)

Course Description

The Ontario Safety League has designed the Fleet Driver Trainer (In-Class) course to assist participants to establish a level of excellence in the role of a professional driver trainer. Competent and responsible, the driver trainer will understand the basic outline of a training program and able to deliver classroom instruction to commercial drivers. This course is built to the standards set by the Ministry Transportation of Ontario (MTO).

Course Content

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to:


Classroom and extensive homework hours (to prepare for classroom evaluated presentations)

Field: visit to MTO ‘Weigh Scales’ location and maintenance shop as available (safety boots and safety hat required).


Graduate certificate to accompany an application to Ministry of Transportation, Ontario – Driver Certification Program for Signing Authority as an Air Brake Instructor and Driver Trainer for a carrier holding Recognized Authority. Graduates may also apply to OSL for Signing Authority privileges in OSL’s Air Brake program.


Materials–Highway Traffic Act (Ontario), MTO Air Brake Endorsement,
MTO guest speaker–Driver Certification Program.


Attendance, class participation, assignments and tests

Prerequisites/ Admission

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent)

Air Brake Instructor course (see our course schedule).


10 days: Classroom (incl. possible half day in field observation);
8.30 am to 4.30 pm daily, Plus extensive homework (approx 15+hours) to prepare for evaluated presentations.

Course Dates  

2018:   Jan 22–Feb 2; Apr 16-27;  Jul 23- Aug 3;  Oct 15 -26.

Tuition:    $2025+HST    and    Books:    $75+GST

(Total:   $2100+applicable taxes)

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