CVOR & Company Profile

Course Description 

In order to do business and stay in business in Ontario, commercial carriers must understand and maintain conditions set out by their Commercial Vehicle Operating Registration (CVOR). This practical workshop details how CVOR holders can identify their responsibilities and performance levels under the province’s carrier monitoring and audit process. Participants will develop an understanding of audit procedures, the safety rating process, and how to use a CVOR as a tool to identify and correct operational problems.

This workshop looks in-depth at the carrier monitoring process, building on the overview provided in the Fleet Safety Director course.  It is designed specifically for those who hold, are responsible for maintaining or monitor a CVOR, including carriers, safety directors, trainers, auditors and insurance personnel. Professionals from other industries will also find it a valuable tool in dealing with commercial safety and regulatory compliance issues.


None; however it is strongly recommended that participants are familiar with the CVOR and carrier monitoring system, either through completion of the Fleet Safety Director course or by relevant experience.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

Certification      Certificate of Participation.


Classroom-Interactive workshop, formal instruction, discussion and practical exercises.


Participant’s manual, hand-outs and sample forms; participants may bring their own CVOR for use in the workshop sessions.

Evaluation       Full attendance, class participation, assignments, tests ~ for successful completion.

Duration         One (1) day

Course Dates     2016:       June 14, November 15

Fee                           $275+HST.