Driver Profile & Due Diligence

Course Description

The commercial fleet industry is under increasing regulatory and economic pressure to substantiate due diligence in all areas of operations. Maintaining driver records is an important aspect of a commercial fleet’s operations, both for achieving regulatory compliance and for tracking business activities.

The keys to effective driver profiles are to know which information to collect, how to maintain it and how to use it.  In this one-day seminar, participants will use legislated requirements to learn how to build driver profiles.  The material is designed specifically for fleet safety and compliance personnel, but is important as well for any others involved in collecting or maintaining driver records.

In order to demonstrate this, a carrier must be able to ensure it has fulfilled its responsibilities and obligations without negligence.  This interactive workshop focuses on how to develop policies and procedures that will assist in establishing due diligence for safety, training and compliance.

Topics to be covered include legislated requirements, reasons for maintaining specific records, maintenance and recall systems, and using the information as a business tool. Participants will receive sample forms and instruction on how to complete them.  Wherever possible, course material will deal with the fleet types of specific relevance to participants.

Building on the experience gained through the Fleet Driver Trainer Course, this workshop gives in-depth information on how to build due diligence into fleet operations.  Carriers, trainers, insurance personnel and other industry professionals will develop a detailed understanding of how the concept of due diligence applies to commercial transportation.  A practical approach throughout will assist participants in identifying how to build effective policies and procedures.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

Format:        Classroom-workshop style instruction with interactive discussion and practical exercises

Resources:   Supplied:  Participant’s manual, and sample forms.

                      Recommended:  Highway Traffic Act (Ontario).

Evaluation:   Full attendance, class participation, assignments, tests ~ for successful completion.

Certification: Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites:   None.  For safety and compliance supervisors, prior completion of the   Fleet Driver Trainer Course is strongly recommended.

Duration:              1 day.               

Course Dates:     2016    June 17,  November 18

Fee:                         $325+HST