Maintenance Profile

Course Description

Carriers are required to maintain a minimum level of maintenance on their vehicles in order to meet regulatory compliance standards. Additionally, this maintenance must be documented in such a manner that a facility audit can be satisfied and due diligence can be demonstrated.

Building on the experience gained through the Fleet Driver Trainer Course, this workshop involves a review of the minimum forms and files that are required to document the vehicle maintenance process. Regulatory compliance issues in the context of the following will be discussed:

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

Format:           Classroom:  Interactive workshop with formal instruction, discussion and practical exercises.

Resources:      Supplied:  Participant’s manual and forms.

Recommended: Highway Traffic Act, Ontario Regulations, and North American CVSA Standards.

Evaluation:      Full attendance, class participation, assignments, tests~ for successful completion.

Certification:      Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites:     None.  For safety and compliance supervisors, prior completion of the Fleet Driver Trainer Course is strongly recommended.

Duration:             1 day.

Course Dates:     2016:  June 16, November 17

Fee:                        $275+HST