Basic Driving Instructor: Oct 19, 2020


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Basic Driving Instructor


Course Description

Register early as demand is high and course fills up quickly (MTO maximum normally=18).

Due to COVID-19 we have had to reduce the number of students, see below

During 2021 and until further notice, the maximum class size will be 10 students to enable social distancing..

Intense and challenging, this course prepares the graduate to train novice drivers in-vehicle and requires dedication with full time class attendance and some preparation at home each evening.

This four-week course is designed to satisfy the educational requirements set out by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario to qualify for a Driving Instructor Licence. Licensed instructors are qualified to teach the in-vehicle portion of the MTO Beginner Approved Driver Education Course.

For further information please contact our Registrar,

Merle Fourie: ph: 905-625-0556 Ext 226 or email:

Course Content:

Please note that the since 2017 the Ontario Safety League offer this program under the new Approved MTO curriculum; e.g. more weight being given to in-car time and less to in-classroom.

The 130 hour curriculum consists of two segments:

100% attendance is mandatory. Students are required to dedicate these fours weeks to the learning process.
Anyone who misses time on course may not receive their certificate at end of 20 days instruction. They may be required to make up the time after course is ended. 

In-class 80 hours includes

  • Communication skills;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Basic lesson planning;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Novice driver evaluation;
  • Knowledge of Highway Traffic Act
  • Knowledge of Defensive Driving techniques
  • All teaching in-class is delivered from our Mississauga location (212-2595 Skymark Ave.,)

In-vehicle 50 hours includes

  • Driver evaluation above G2 level;
  • Development of technical in-vehicle manoeuvring skills;
  • Development of skills to teach driving knowledge and skills to novice drivers.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to give acceptable skill performance and knowledge feedback in the following general areas:

  • Communication skills;
  • Setting student learning objectives;
  • Measuring student learning;
  • Instructional skills;
  • Lesson planning;
  • In-vehicle driving performance;
  • Demonstrating competent, safe and defensive driving practices.


Classroom: formal & informal instruction, workshops & practical exercises
In-vehicle:  formal & informal instruction, assessment for technical, teaching & driving skills


Materials: Participant and workshop materials,
Reference: Highway Traffic Act, MTO Driver Handbook, selection of curricula.


Full attendance, classroom and in-vehicle teaching performance, assignments and lesson planning, presentations and tests, overall participation.


OSL Basic Driving Instructor certificate satisfies the course requirement to obtain a Driver Instructor Licence from the Ontario  Ministry of Transportation.


Four (4) consecutive years of driving experience, ‘G’ license at time of application and no demerit points.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent)

*See outline below of items to be completed at the DriveTest Centre


130 hours (20 days); 80 hours in-class and 50 hours in-vehicle.

8:45 am to 4:15 pm daily, homework will be assigned.

Course Dates

2021: Jan 18-Feb 12, Apr 19-May 14, Jul 19-Aug 13, Oct 19- Nov 13


TOTAL: $2,775  (Tuition: $2,625 (HST Exempt) and Books: $150+GST )

OSL Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy
Revision as per Bill 132 as Amended March 16, 2016



To become a qualified driving instructor in Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation requires successful completion of the approved MTO driving instructor course. The Ontario Safety League has been turning out top quality Driving Instructors for many years. Our Instructors are the best in the industry.

STEP #1: Contact Ontario Safety League at 905-625-0556 and ask for our Registrar (Merle). Or email

  • Register by completing our OSL Student Registration form and fax, scan and send by email, or by Canada Post
  • DO NOT drop by the OSL offices without an appointment

STEP #2:     Visit any DriveTest Centre

  • Pay the standard fee for a Driving Instructor Application
  • Take the Vision test; make sure you bring any corrective lenses with you.
  • Take the G1 Knowledge test (Road signs & Rules of the Road) and this takes about 30 minutes. It would be best to have studied ahead of time for this test.
  • Book a road test

STEP #3       Visit your local police station with two pieces of identity and request to have the VSC (Vulnerable Sector Check) process started (it will take several weeks)

  • Once you receive the returned VSC – take it to a DriveTest Centre the agent will forward your information to the MTO for review.

Students who complete the OSL Basic Driving Instructor course successfully will receive an Ontario Safety League Driving Instructor Certificate.

Driving schools throughout Ontario regard our certificate and teaching method in very high regard.