Techniques of Instruction


Course Description

The ability to communicate effectively is a basic yet vital skill for instructors, facilitators, trainers and supervisory personnel. This five-day developmental workshop assists participants in building the skills and confidence necessary to deliver presentations, instruct, and communicate clearly on an everyday basis.

Issues such as the structure of effective communication and the roles of an instructor or communicator are discussed and applied in practical exercises.  Starting with brief, impromptu presentations, participants learn how to structure and deliver information for more formal, complex purposes. The use of audio-visuals are included.  Participants refine their skills through facilitator feedback, peer and self-evaluations, and observation of other presentations.

This course was revised and updated for 2015 and is a general workshop for anyone requiring certification in adult education.

During  Covid-19 restrictions we are operating at 50% capacity.
Therefore we have doubled the number of classes going forward for 2020.
We are fully booked for July, August and September courses.
Registration is OPEN for  Sept 5 to Oct 2 course and beyond. 
Under Covid-19 rules we must restrict the class size to 8 students. 
Registration acceptance will be on a first come basis and full payment.


Upon successful completion, participants will be able to;

  • define personal and professional goals for communication;
  • identify instructor roles and skills and place them within a developmental continuum
  • apply basic principles of effective instruction in various presentation formats;
  • illustrate how these principles operate through practical application;
  • perform applied communications and instructional techniques with confidence in a classroom setting;
  • use audio-visual materials to maximize a presentation’s impact;
  • improve their instructing and presenting skills through formal and informal peer and facilitator feedback
Classroom: interactive workshop with formal and informal instruction, discussion and practical exercises and home preparation each evening.
Certificate of Completion
  • None for this course.
  • However, this course is a Pre-requisite for the Air Brake Instructor course and FDT program
5 days: Classroom 8.45am to 4pm daily home preparation will be assigned.
Course Dates
2020: July 6-10; August 17-21 & Aug 31- Sept 4; Sep 28- Oct 2; Nov 2-6 & Nov 30-Dec 4

ALL COURSES FOR 2020 are Fully booked.

We are taking Registration for our January 11, 2021 ToI course.

Fee:  $1,025+HST