Highway Traffic Act

Course Description

As the primary source of transportation-related legislation in Ontario, the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) sets out privileges and responsibilities for all road users.  Knowing how to use it effectively is a vital skill for anyone involved in road safety or regulatory compliance.  This introductory course gives practical instruction on referencing and applying HTA legislation to practical training and operations scenarios.

Participants will learn the basic structure and terminology used in the HTA, and practice applying specific methods for finding information.  An informal, interactive workshop environment encourages discussion of scenarios of interest to the participants.  This fundamental course is designed for anyone pursuing further training as a driver instructor, driver trainer, compliance officer or safety professional; however, it is also highly recommended for road users with a general interest in safety or regulation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and role of Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA);
  • Identify the HTA’s basic structure, components and terminology;
  • Describe the process by which provincial statutes and regulations are created and amended;
  • Use a specific process to research specific issues of interest through referencing HTA sections and regulations;
  • Analyze an issue using the ˜facts in issue” method;;
  • Apply the HTA to practical training, instructional and operational issues.

Format Classroom Instruction with interactive discussion and practical exercises.

Resources Supplied:  Highway Traffic Act (Ontario) and Participant’s manual.

Evaluation Open-book written test, full participation and attendance.

Certification Certificate of completion.

Prerequisites None.

Duration One (1) day

Course Dates 2021:  May 26, Sept 13

Fee $350.00+HST.