Pro-Active (Defensive) Driving Workshop: (optional in-vehicle evaluation)

Course Description: 
Pro-Active (Defensive) Driving Workshop: (optional in-vehicle evaluation)
Mississauga : Registration is OPEN for December 15th workshop.
Registration is CLOSED for November 24th workshop 
WINDSOR January 12, 2019
NAPANEE January 12, 2019
NORTH BAY (coming in Spring 2019)
This in-class ‘defensive driving ‘course is based on the role of driver attitude in determining and affecting driving behavior. The focus of this course is to allow the participants to discover their driving attitude and the effect it has on the way they handle themselves while driving, thereby, allowing them to make the necessary positive changes to their driving habits. The student may also opt for an In-Vehicle Evaluation (approximately 25 mins in duration).
In-vehicle evaluations are conducted in the students own vehicle.
Vehicle MUST be roadworthy and have current insurance.
Student must have a current, valid driver’s license.
Please check our Registration, Cancellation and ‘No-show’ policy.
NB!  CORPORATE workshops: This course can be customized and offered to companies at a location of their choice for their employees onlyPlease contact our office to discuss and for a quotation. 

Who Should Attend

Any licensed driver interested in improving his/her driving performance. Candidates who have been recommended by the Ontario courts or their paralegal.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand how your attitude affects your driving;
  • Identify and evaluate your current driving patterns and where needed, learn ways to change them;
  • Understand Provincial traffic laws, by-laws and local traffic issues and problems;
  • Understand the magnitude of traffic collision problems;
  • Understand the concept of the preventability of a crash and defensive driving techniques;
  • Understand the role alcohol and drugs play in traffic collisions;
  • Understand the risks involved by distracted or irresponsible driver behavior;
  • Understand the importance of the proper use of seatbelts and child restraints;
  • Understand the effects of driving when drowsy;
  • Understand the personal liability and professional risks associated with driving.


Interactive classroom with formal and informal instruction, discussion and work-groups. (optional In-Vehicle Evaluation: 25 mins assessment)


Ontario Safety league- Pro Active Driving laminated wallet card.

Location: OSL offices (Mississauga, Windsor & Napanee)
MISSISSAUGA: 2595 Skymark Ave., Suite 212, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4L5; Ph: 905-625-0556; 
check directions on our website;
WINDSOR: address to follow.
NAPANEE: 145 Industrial Blvd, Napanee, ON., K7R 3Z2
One (1) day; 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
(Course starts promptly at 9 am. Arrive 15 mins early to sign-in)
(All in-vehicle evaluations will be conducted after the in-class portion between 3.30 and 5.30 pm) 

Course Dates  (for your convenience courses are on Saturdays)

2018 & 19:
MISSISSAUGA:  Dec 15 & Jan 26, 2019
WINDSOR January 12, 2019
NAPANEE January 12, 2019
NORTH BAY (coming in Spring 2019)

Fee    $185.00 + HST (materials Included); (Optional In-Vehicle Evaluation is $110+HST)

Students must show up on time for the in-class and the in-vehicle elements of the course.
Failure to do so may exclude the student from the class or in-vehicle session.
A fee of $70 will be required before the student can be re-registered or booked for the next course or another in-vehicle session.


Additional Information on ProActive Driving:


(with thanks to Canada Safety Council)

Definition: Defensive Driving is controlling a vehicle so as to prevent/avoid collisions despite the (unsafe) actions of others and the surrounding (adverse) conditions.

Principles of the defensive/proactive attitude:

1. KNOWLEDGE: of traffic laws and safe & responsible practices

2. ALERTNESS: in attending to the constantly changing traffic conditions

3. FORESIGHT: in anticipating and predicting unsafe actions of other drivers

4. JUDGMENT: in making decisions of least risk

5. SKILL: in adjusting to changing conditions of the total traffic scene

A PREVENTABLE collision is one in which a driver failed to do everything reasonable and possible to prevent it. Did the driver make an error in any of the above elements of proactive driving.

Standard Collision Prevention Formula

Recognize the Hazard …..

  • 6 positions of a collision
  • 6 conditions of driving
  • collision traps

Know the Defence …..

  • space management
  • visual search pattern
  • evasive manoeuvres

Act in Time …..

  • speed control
  • space cushion “escape route”
  • decisive action

Driver Fitness

For these considerations to work all the time, the driver must be “fit” for the driving task.

  • mentally alert
  • visually attentive
  • emotionally in control
  • socially co-operative
  • legally responsible