Public Advocacy

The Ontario Safety League (OSL) protects and promotes the rights of Ontarians through legally based individual and systematic advocacy and education

The Ontario Safety League (OSL) helps raise awareness and brings individuals together to address road safety through advocacy, education, facilitating collaboration, especially with major institutional bodies, and various other stakeholders.

*** Make roads safer by raising awareness of traffic safety initiatives that prevent injuries and decrease fatalities.

*** Our goal is to create safer roads in our communities using education efforts and law enforcement strategies that increase intersection safety, and reduce excessive speeds and distracted driving

*** Develop and advocate best practices in traffic safety to save lives, as well as assess, analyze and communicate the role that technology can play in improving drivers’ behavior

*** Red light running and distracted driving behavior continues to be a very serious problem throughout Ontario

*** Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (International Federation) is increasingly concerned about the rapid escalation of the global road safety crisis, which now kills 3,000 people every day Globally, the Ontario Safety League is mandated to play it’s part to reduce that carnage and the associated health costs for Ontarians.