How soon do I need to enroll for a course?
To ensure that you are enrolled in the course of your choice, enrollment should be done at least one month prior to the start date.  Due to covid-19 restrictions we are operating at reduced capacity and course demand is high. We are typically fully booked for some courses months in advance. Our new ‘enrollment online’ will quickly expedite the process and insure your place in the class.

How do I open a Ministry approved driving school for G class license?
If you would like to open a Ministry approved driving school please contact the Ministry of Transportation Operational Policy Office to obtain an information package.

How do I become a driving instructor?
The first step is to go to your closest Ministry of Transportation licensing office and pick up the “Driving Instructor Information Kit”, complete the application forms and present them to any Driver Examination Centre.  A terminal check of your driving record and a criminal record search request will be initiated at this time.  This search sometimes takes up to 8 weeks.  Pay the $95.00 non-refundable fee.  Pass a complete class ‘G2’ test, which includes: vision screening, knowledge test and level 2 road test.  Once you have passed all the tests, your application will be sent to Head Office for approval.  You must also successfully complete a Ministry approved Driving Instructor’s course before obtaining a Driving Instructor’s licence.  The Ontario Safety League offers this course but recommends you do not enroll and pay for the course before you receive the Ministry’s approval of your application.  On passing the course, your application must be signed by the qualified course instructor.  A Driving Instructor’s course must not have been completed earlier than five years prior to your date of application.

How do I open a Ministry approved truck training school for A-Z class license?

Under the MTO and MC&U ‘E.L.T.’ program you must become a Private Career College and offer an approved program. The OSL cannot directly help you with this process. However, we can direct you to consultants who can help.

Is Air Brake Z Endorsement training a mandatory 12 hour course?
Yes.  The air brake endorsement training course was created as a mandatory 12 hour program.

Is the Ontario Safety League a Ministry approved course provider for Air Brakes?
Yes.  The Ontario Safety League has been granted the authority by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as an approved course provider.

What do I do with my Air Brake certificate when I get it?
When you receive your certificate from the OSL you will already have had your training transaction uploaded automatically to the MTO RUS system. However, the onus is on you to ensure that this transaction was completely processed at MTO/ DriveTest. To be absolutely sure your license has had the Z endorsement take your air brake certificate to any Ontario licensing office DriveTest).

What qualifications must I have to take the air brake endorsement course?
You must reside in the province of Ontario and hold a valid Ontario drivers license, classification ‘G’.

I have a G2 class license. May I take the air brake endorsement course?
No. When you take the course you must already hold a valid ‘G’ license or greater classification to add the ‘Z’ endorsement to your license.

Refund and Returns Policy

The Ontario Safety League refund policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation of a course 2 weeks prior to the start of the course – a $100.00 administration fee will apply
  • Cancellation of a course 1 week prior to the start of the course – 50% of the course fee will apply

Please contact our Registrar for questions related to refunds and returns.

Email: mfourie@osl.org

Phone: (905) 625-0556 Ext. 226