Refund & COVID-19 Policy @ 2023

Note: A 2.0% Banking Surcharge will be applied to each purchase.

OSL is taking the following steps to ensure staff, customer, vendor, and public safety:


Enrollment Protocol as at July 1, 2022

  • Fully vaccinated students providing proof with their registration form are eligible for enrollment.
  • PROOF OF DOUBLE VACCINATION receipt must be submitted prior to entering the building.
  • Mask wearing in the building is highly recommended. Bring your own or a disposable mask will be provided.
  • Students must fill out a COVID-19 declaration (contact/symptoms/travel) once in the building.
  • All in-class student numbers are at a reduced capacity.
  • All students entering the building will have their temperature checked.
  • If you feel you have a temperature, please do not come to the OSL that day.
  • If you record a high temperature, you will be asked to leave the building.
  • PPE use and hygiene rules must be followed.
  • Classrooms have been disinfected. (Extra disinfection material and hand gel will be provided).
  • We require all students to socially distance in the building.
  • Washrooms have disinfection materials to be used prior to and after using the washroom.

Visitor / Student Front Door Protocol

  • The office front door is locked.
  • Visitors are directed to read the Peel Region entrance screening poster before being admitted.
  • Visitors longer than 15 minutes must provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Temperature is taken.
  • Visitors then register in the logbook.
  • Visitor then fill out the screening declaration.
  • Visitor may then attend to their business with the OSL.
  • Students should already have provided proof of being fully vaccinated in advance by emailing their receipt.



Peel Region entrance screening poster 

COVID-19 Vaccination Information Video 

Please STAY AT HOME if you are not feeling well!

Adhere to Social Distancing, and Wash Your Hands often.

Thank you for your support and STAY SAFE!


Cancellation, No-Show and Refund Policy

  • Cancellation of any course; a $110.00 + HST administration fee per person will apply.
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to start of any course; a $110 + HST administration fee or 50% of full course fee (whichever is the greater) per person will apply.
  • Students must show up on time for the in-class and the in-vehicle elements of the course. Failure to do so may exclude the student from the class or in-vehicle session.
  • A fee of $110 + HST will be required before the student can be re-registered or booked in-vehicle session. Failure to show up the second time will result in student being cancelled off our register. The full price will be charged for any future dates.

Note: This policy also applies to individuals who falsely complete their registration form.

Note: Please email our course coordinator Jolanta at for questions related to refunds and returns.

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