Hours of Service-Instructor


Course Description

Fatigue is a proven safety hazard for commercial drivers, and violating regulated limits can have serious consequences for a carrier’s operating record, profitability and road safety in general.  As hours of service legislation affects many areas of a commercial fleet’s operations, drivers, supervisors, dispatchers, trainers and other safety personnel must have a thorough understanding of duty cycles and limits.

This three-day intensive course for Instructors focuses on how to achieve and monitor driver and carrier compliance with hours of service legislation. Topics will include: provincial and federal laws; logs and time sheets; duty cycles; record keeping; driver and carrier responsibilities; and monitoring daily logs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose, structure and application of hours of service legislation;
  • Identify legislated responsibilities of both commercial drivers and fleet operators concerning the maintenance of driver duty status records;
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of filling out daily logs.
  • Identify training requirements for personnel involved with the transportation of dangerous goods, as applied to hours of service; and

Format:  Classroom: Interactive workshop with formal instruction, discussion and practical exercises.

Resources:  Supplied:  Participant’s manual, handouts and sample forms.

Recommended:  Highway Traffic Act,Ontario Regulations, and North American CVSA Standards.

Evaluation:  Full attendance, class participation, assignments, tests for successful completion.

Certification:  Certificate of completion.

Prerequisites:  None.  For safety and compliance supervisors, prior completion of the Fleet Driver Trainer Course is strongly recommended.

Duration: 3 days.

Course Dates: 2020:  Mar 2-4, Sept 1-3

Fee: $1,295+HST